And God said, ‘... be responsible for all the animals on the earth’....(Genesis 1)

We here at Latton take very seriously our responsibility to care for all God’s creatures and make a point of supporting a couple of animal charities each year.

Mutts in Distress

. . .  is just one of the local community projects that we are currently supporting.
It’s an animal shelter located at Normandale Kennels, in Little Hallingbury, in the Harlow Deanery. They rescue dogs from local pounds that would otherwise be destroyed, and offer them for re-homing. Many of the dogs that go to them have been badly neglected and are in need of veterinary treatment before a new home can be found.
Bruno Staff
A number of us at Latton have adopted animals from Mutts, one such
dog is Bruno. He arrived at Mutts with six exploded  discs in his back and couldn’t walk. Mutts paid for his treatment and two members of our church have now given him a loving home.


Another dog was Bella, who was wandering the streets for a few days at Christmas last year and found by our priest. Bella had been knocked over and had her shoulder smashed. She also had severely neglected ears and eyes. She is still undergoing treatment, but has a kind new home now.

Chihuahuas Chihuahuas photo
At the end of last year Mutts took
in 16 neglected Chihuahuas.
All have now been re-homed, two via Latton, but the treatment before re-homing them cost £6,000.

Ellen and Julia photo


It’s not just dogs we’ve adopted, but cats and rats also. Meet  Ellen and Julia who now live with Chris, Helen and Ryan.

Snowball and Whiskers photo

And ratties ‘Snowball and Whiskers’ who our priest adopted along with Gorgeous German
Shepherd Cassie. Cassie photo

The rats had been dumped in a field in the snow, while Cassie had spent the first year of her life with only 3 walks in a year and had been locked in a kitchen all day and night. 

with the sheep photo
As well as adopting some of the animals at Mutts, we have been active 
in rescuing them, feeding them and praying for them.

Here are some poorly lambs that Reverends Lynn and Julia went to pray for 
and ended up feeding at Mutts!
Jesus is the Good Shepherd who cares for His sheep.
These little lambs are now full grown and enjoying the green pastures 
at Mutts.

with the sheep photo with the sheep photo

rescuing geese photo

These 3 birds, which had been in danger of freezing in ice,
had us on a bit of a wild goose chase trying to catch them safely! But 
Reverend Lynn,  Kim Herbert and
Pat from Mutts helped round them up. And boy were they heavy!
They are now living a life of luxury at Hillside Animal Sanctuary, 



Although Mutts rely on donations and is always happy to receive cheques, they also need single duvets and blankets, brown rice, Benylin cough medicine, Sudocream, sore skin shampoo for dogs, dog coats and tins of Chappie dog meat (that one is easily digestible for poorly dogs).

If you would like to help then you can check out the Mutts in distress website or leave items protected in sealed bags on the vicarage doorstep in The Gowers CM20 2JP.

Mutts website  -

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We hold a Service of Blessing of Animals at Latton in October so please watch this space for the date of our next service.